Three ways teachers can help their students engage more with reading

Reading often starts in the home. Many of us have positive memories of reading with our siblings, parents, aunties, or uncles but how many of us continue to bank these same positive memories once we start reading in school? At home, reading for some children is a  fun, enjoyable activity but for others it’s a dreaded chore. 

As a teacher, you know how important reading at home is, but how often do you wish you could get your students to connect with reading more during the holidays? Well, we’re here to help! 

Here’s three ways teachers can get their students to love reading both in and outside of the classroom:

1. Go digital

Nowadays, everything is online, and the new generation is far more experienced in technology than others. Research has shown that reading via an iPad can improve a child’s literacy engagement. Due to the pandemic, many homes have invested in tablets and laptops for their children , so this is a perfect opportunity to expand online reading opportunities and choice. 

2. Make it fun

Reading is more than learning; it creates memories that make children want to read for life. Encourage parents to create positive memories with their children, reading should be more than a checklist task – it should be an experience. In her book, 6 Gems for the Love of Reading, our founder Georgina Chinaka recommends getting into character before opening a book. You can model this for parents to help your students delve deeper into characters, use voices and read together to create these experiences.

3. Think about post-reading activities

After each reading session, encourage parents to help their children reflect on what they’ve just read. This will increase engagement and develop critical book talk skills. We would recommend asking them to consider an alternative ending or adding a new character into the story. 

We hope these tips help all our hard-working teachers out there. If you would like to signpost parents to further guidance, you can purchase your own copy of 6 Gems for the Love of Reading. The book offers a fun mix of practical examples and tips to help you help children love reading. Always fun – never a chore! 

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