Why this new guidance book is what you need to develop your child’s love for reading

How did you feel about reading when you were younger?  There’s no doubt reading is a fundamental learning resource for children, it encourages creativity and allows children to pick up new words and skills. 

Even if reading may have felt like a chore when we were younger, as adults we understand how important it is and must do what we can to encourage the children in our lives to read more. Unfortunately, with our busy routines, reading with the children in our lives often becomes a tick box exercise instead of a natural daily habit. If reading became an enjoyable habit for most children, what would the benefits be?

Well, in 2012, the Department for Education published researched evidence on the benefits of reading for pleasure in primary and secondary aged children. The research found reading for pleasure:

  • Can be beneficial for both educational purposes as well as personal development.
  • Has been reported to be more important for a child’s educational success than the family’s socio-economic status. 
  • Is associated with higher scores in reading assessments.
  • Has emotional and social consequences. 
  • Has benefits such as text comprehension and grammar, positive reading attitudes, pleasure in reading in later life and increased general knowledge. 

Now that we are aware of the benefits of reading for pleasure, how can we get children to enjoy or even love reading? Like children, parents and teachers are always learning new things so a guidance book will help. 

Later this month, For the Love of Reading will be releasing a guidance book to facilitate parental engagement with reading development, instilling a love of reading in children. 

Ahead of the launch date, here’s everything you should expect from the guidance book: 

An easy-to-follow guide

Written by education improvement specialist and parent, Georgina Chinaka, the book which is aimed at teachers and parents provides a no-nonsense guide to developing a love of reading in children.

Broken down into six simple steps, Georgina’s plan is the perfect resource for adults who want to invest in early reading. 

First-hand experience 

Georgina writes: “The love of reading begins with a love of stories. Listening to stories, storytelling, acting out stories, singing stories and everything in between. 

What was your favourite story as a child? Many can vividly remember a particular book they read time and time again. For others, it will be a story a family member reeled off from the top of their head. 

I once asked this question at a conference and was amazed that everyone’s reason for their choice was wrapped up in so much emotion. You could literally see the joy and nostalgia on the faces of the adult delegates as they recalled their favourite stories.”

Throughout the guide, Georgina reflects on personal experiences from learning to read as a child, to the joy she’s instilled in others through the use of storytelling as an adult. The exciting and nostalgic reflections will remind you how it felt to be a child enjoying reading for the first time. 

Fun tasks and tricks

After completing each section of the guide, you will be challenged with a fun ‘focus task’ for the whole family/class to get involved in. The book also includes a number of hacks to make reading more enjoyable and regular. 

Active reading is a great habit and will ensure your child(ren) grows from the book.

The guidance book

For the Love of Reading’s guidance book is the ultimate resource if you want to create a love of reading in children that will last a lifetime. To stay up to with the launch of the guidance book, keep an eye on the For the Love of Reading social media channels and website

For the Love of Reading offers a range of online tools as part of a digital reading engagement platform. The interactive platform encourages children, parents and teachers to develop their love for reading. Completely web-based, For the Love of Reading provides a diverse suite of books as well as guidance to facilitate parental engagement with reading development. The team responsible for content on the platform consists of teachers, researchers, parents and children. 

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